From the Secretary's desk

Every profession demands a pioneering, dynamic, knowledgeable, adaptive, sincere and committed candidate. Each and every industry and profession needs these human assets in its corporation.

In my thought, to become employable or a successful there are some basic demands that requires to be professional such as setting and scheduling goals, preparing the task diligently by managing time and stress, thinking critically, developing self-discipline and motivating oneself. We are devoted to induce these qualities in our students.

Our team is committed to provide quality education through well designed academic planning, monitoring and controlling which focus on active classroom participation, enhancing learning skills, communication skills and overall personality development.

We are determined to provide latest updates and knowledge. Imparting knowledge by providing practical knowledge along with Indian value system. Joint efforts of students and staff members will lead the atmosphere of college towards the best of the academics and achievements in our life.

Premendra Kumar Sahu

Ramchandi College,Saraipali